Aug. 28th, 2009

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Here I am not sleeping. I should try again, but I wanted to write a little first. It's been an interesting few weeks. The shrink has put me on a new medication, one that's normally for Parkinson's Disease patients. There has been some indication that it works on depression as well. I knew I'd be getting some different drugs when I agreed to be in this clinic. I'm just tired of feeling like shit. I got a new therapist too, Dr. Ferrerra. She's ok, I think. I've only had one session with her. It's too early to tell if we'll be getting along. Time will tell. I've also been talking to the lawyers about the disability case. The woman I talked to today seems to think we're in the home stretch on this. I've been trying to get some paperwork from UNM since the 11th of this month. It's stupid how much trouble I'm having getting my own records! I talked to the records department three times yesterday, and I'll be talking to them again today. We're waiting on that so the lawyer can send the brief to the judge. Hopefully it won't even get to hearings. I'm going to talk to the lawyer again, too. I never told them that I was denied entry in the Navy back in 1988 due to what they called "mental instability". It will probably be worth mentioning. If this comes through, I'm hoping to buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle. I miss riding. It truly was therapy for me. Fingers crossed. Well, time to try sleep again. G'night, spirits drifting in the aether!


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